Zillow, Redfin, Trulia … How Much Time Per Week?

If the answer to this question is over 15 minutes per week, and you are not actively planning to buy or rent a dwelling in the next 90 days, then…

You’re doing it wrong.

I know I’m doing it wrong.

To an extent, “that’s how we live on the west side of L.A.” But just because everyone else is slightly addicted, well that doesn’t mean you or I have to be addicted.

Why do I find it so hard to look away from the real estate market?

Fear of missing out? Check.

Unbridled curiosity? Check.

Unrealistic plans and fantasies? Check.

The fiendishly good user interfaces and efficient information delivery of real estate sites? Check.

For the rest of this year — all 31 hours of it. I will be refraining from checking on real estate. I’m sure it will make what remains of 2015 much happier and more productive.

I will check back on this one in 2016.