The Quotable Morozov — #1

“We must not fixate on what this new arsenal of digital technologies allows us to do without first inquiring what is worth doing.”

Evgeney Morozov from To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism

Obvious Implications:

1) Your smartphone is a highly-accurate tracking device that helps tether you to your employer during off hours.

2) We’ve reached the point where if you opt out completely from having a mobile phone, you will ironically trigger law enforcement algorithms that assign you a higher statistical likelihood of being a criminal.

3) Is constantly checking in on your unoccupied home via security app live camera feed really going to make your house safer or give you any peace of mind? Isn’t this likely to cause further anxiety / wasted time?

4) Is it really that great to be able to auto-reorder the same brand of detergent at the touch of a button on your washing machine?

And that’s just four random things that came to mind — from the existential to the trivial.