The “Busy Person’s Lies” And How to Address Them: Digital Detachment Article of the Day

Where Does the Time Go? How to Keep Track

Q. Is there an issue with being honest with yourself? People always say, “I never watch TV,” but they seem to know everything that happens on “Game of Thrones.” Do you have to make a commitment to not lie to yourself to make this work?

A. When I do this, it’s just for me. Which means that I don’t think there is any reason to lie on it. If you’re not happy with the amount of TV you watch, or whatever, time tracking is a good way to notice that. Just because you know where the time goes doesn’t mean that you need to punish yourself for wasting it or feel bad about spending it the way you do…

But if you have open time and you don’t ask yourself, what would make me happy — if you just spend that time mindlessly on Twitter because your phone is in your hand — then maybe this is your chance to ask what you want to do with that time that is meaningful. Life is what it is. It’s just a matter of asking, now I know this. Do I want to keep it, or do I want to change it?

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