No Digital Know Peace Bumper Sticker Brainstorm [Updated for Inauguration Day]

Bumper sticker ideas for a digibonkerz world:

No Cell Phone Know Peace

No Cable Know Peace

No Facebook Know Peace

No Electronics in the Bedroom Know Peace

No Twitter Feed Know Peace

No Email Know Peace

No Texting Know Peace

No Media Know Peace


G-d is my Co-Founder (Jesus & Jobs — arm in arm — smiling. ┬áMenacingly.)

My Other Mobile Device is a Bike.

#WWLTD? What Would Lao Tzu Do? (With a picture of Lao crushing a smartphone)

Inauguration Day Inspirations

You Can’t Read Fake News if You Don’t Read News

My Smart Phone Is Dumb

Putin and the NSA Can’t Watch You Offline (For Now)

Buy A Book With Cash at a Bookstore And Then Read It … Putin and the NSA Will Not Be Pleased

Tapping “Like” Is Not An Act of Political Engagement

Think Digitally (If You Must) Act Physically

Think In Digital Act in Analog

Smart people tell me Americans are checking email an average of 46 times per day … Sad!

I’m hearing kids under two spend over three hours per day staring at a screen … Sad!

Delete Your Account

In My Country … Elections Hacks YOU! [With visual of stressed out americans looking at their Facebook feeds]

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