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I’m often astonished at how rude people can be about using mobile devices while interacting socially. This sort of crassness really grates on me when I see someone looking at a screen or carrying on a phone conversation all while trying to hold a conversation with a customer service person — like a cashier or a front desk security guard.

To combat this blatant incivility toward our fellow human beings, the excellent Art of Manliness blog (more cerebral than it sounds) has created some old-timey “smartphone etiquette propaganda” posters that I thought were worth sharing here. Check these out:


As well as …


Pretty clever.

And for all my sermonizing, I know I’ve been guilty of this sort of bad behavior in the past, and probably will be again. The key is being mindful and developing good habits … like turning your phone off completely before a meal.

Enjoy these images? You can see the full slate of smartphone etiquette propaganda posters here.

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