Too Much Checking

When it comes to banking, free checking is good.

When it comes to your digital life, there is no such thing as free checking. As a general rule, checking is bad.

At the very least, checking costs seconds and minutes and hours of your time. The most precious resource any human being has.

But checking can also exact a toll from your wallet and relationships and mood.

Digitally speaking, we are doing too much checking with not enough deliberate oversight.

What did I NOT check today

Fantasy Sports
Etc… I must be totally enlightened!

But What did I actually check today?

Work Email
Personal Email
Secondary Email
Bank Balance
Sports scores
Business Results

All of the above I could have checked much less, or even at one pre-determined “batching” time. Some of the above I could not have checked at all.

Need inspiration? Here’s a simple blog post from BloombergView title “Stop Checking Your Netflix Stock

I resolve to check less and oversee more when it comes to my digital accounts and devices. The checking is hurting me.

Digital Detachment is my goal…

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